13th October 2019

BCC and BIS CH Cofas Magellanic Spiral at Jackarhys

DCC and BOS Harsocharmathe Ronaldo at Gailbulls

RBIS Newrock Dakota

BPIS Bullmont Lord Commander Neptunebull

BV CH/IrCH/IntCH Edstrong Diamond Jubilee

Veteran Dog/Bitch (2 entered, 1 absent)

1st Collie & Jay’s Ch/IrCh/Int Ch Edstrong Diamond Jubilee – 71/2 yr old brindle of excellent type shown in pristine condition. Good length of skull and width of muzzle giving a classic brick shaped appearance, clear dark eyes, and wide open nostrils, tremendous upsweep with true wide jaw, giving typical sour expression. Well boned straight front, enough reach of neck and huge well barrelled rib, with good tail set. Excellent on the move and handled very well. BV

Minor Puppy Dog (3, 0)

1st Lowthian’s Cotantreo Diamond Prince at Tyneamite – Standard sized masculine puppy. Head developing well with good layback, clear dark eyes, hopefully fit of eye will tighten as head grows.Fine well placed ears that just need to settle, good width of muzzle, and upsweep. Well constructed body, straight front with enough bone and shoulder, good length of neck. Well barrelled rib and correct topline. Fine, short coat. Moved very well.

2nd Green’s Lancsbull King of the North – Standard puppy of 8 months, more immature in head than 1. Wide flat skull with fine rose ears, good layback and width of muzzle, clear dark eyes. Front needs to develop but enough bone, good length of neck. Correct roached topline with good tailset. Moved well.

3rd Parkinson’s Peakie Alfie Solomons

Puppy Dog (2, 0)

1st Nealings’ Bullmont Lord Commander Neptunebull - Well up to size mature puppy full of bone and substance. Masculine head, with wide flat head between well set ears, I would prefer more length of skull but he has correct layback, clear dark eyes, a big black nose and good width of muzzle and underjaw with lovely sour expression. Straight well boned front with good shoulder and tight feet, moderate length of neck and very good barrel of rib. Excellent skimming movement on the rear. Shown in pristine condition and handled well.

2nd Rodger’s Newsoul Origin not as mature as 1st but lovely type, balanced head, good length and depth of skull, clear dark eye but heavily tear stained. Good layback with well-defined stop, but I would prefer wider nostrils. Well boned front but not as straight as 1, enough rib, good tailset and turn of stifle. Moved well.

Junior Dog (3, 1)

1st Harding’s Wilsonpride Days of Speed – Strong headed red/white dog wide flat skull with correctly set fine rose ears, good length and depth of skull with wide muzzle, well defined stop, correct upsweep and wide true jaw giving a lovely sour expression. Good shoulder placement and straight front with deep brisket and neat feet, good spring and barrel of rib, held top line on the move, moved ok.

2nd Keegan’s Golden Star Bull O’Conor Pamazande – Strong head with wide flat skull, fine rose ears and clear dark eyes, good layback with good length of foreface and correct upsweep giving a lovely sour expression. Well boned front but not as straight as 1, good top line which he kept on the move, lost to 1 on backend movement.

Yearling Dog (5, 1)

1st Davies’ Avapal Jacobs Creek – Deep red shown in pristine condition. Masculine fine wrinkled head with good layback, wide open nostrils and dark eyes. Well boned straight front leading to tight feet, enough reach of neck, good top line, enough barrel of rib and correct top line and tail set, well angulated back end. Slightly hesitant on the move but sound. Handled very well.

2nd Livingstone’s Jacobella Captain Flint – Strong headed dog with wide flat skull, correct fine rose ears and good layback, well boned straight front, good reach of neck, would prefer more barrel of rib to give a typical pear shaped body but good tail set. Lost to 1 on backend movement on the day.

3rd Peebles & Kirkwood’s Weebullz Pogue Mahone

Novice Dog (2, 1)

1st Keegan’s Nobozz Raging Bull Pamazande – Standard brindle wide flat skull and well spaced dark clear eye and neat well set ears. Big black nose but would prefer wider nostrils well turned up under jaw. Straight front with enough shoulder and bone, plenty of rib giving correct pear shaped body and good tailset, correct turn of stifle, moved ok.

Post Graduate Dog (5, 1)

1st Macdonald’s Danckomac Indiana Bones – Compact well made dog with strong balanced head, very dark clear eyes, heavy nose roll but does not impede nostrils, lovely width of jaw and upsweep giving correct expression. Straight well boned front and neat feet. Good reach of neck, well barrelled rib and good tail set well angulated backend. Kept top line on the move. Moved very well and pushed hard for top honours.

2nd Green’s Baalazebul Hot Toddy of Lancsbull – Larger type than 1, would prefer more masculine head but good length of skull, dark clear eyes and neat rose ears. Well boned front but feet should be smaller and tighter. Good tacked on shoulder, well barrelled of rib, Moved and shown well.

3rd McMunn & Griffiths’ Goodbull Pied Piper

Limit Dog (4, 0)

1st Smith’s Mascolbull’s Henry’s Legacy@ Carasmel - Quality up to size red with masculine head shown in pristine condition. Correct brick shaped skull with dark expressive. and well filled under eyes, wide open nostrils, good layback, and width of muzzle, lovely upsweep giving correct sour expression. Well tacked on shoulder with deep brisket and neat feet. Lovely pear shaped body giving good outline with correct roach and tail set. Good angulation on rear. Moved and handled very well. RDCC

2nd Davis’s Matteo av Wesbasian Mystyle - Another quality standard balanced dog with clear dark eyes, correct ear set, and, good layback, well turned up underjaw I would just prefer more length of skull to complete the picture.. Well boned front, good shoulder placement and length of neck. Good barrel and spring of rib, lost to one on front movement on the day

3rd Paul’s Blondello Charles Xavier

Open Dog (5, 2)

1st Westmorland’s Harsocharmathe Ronaldo @ Gailbulls - Strong masculine fit dog with brick shaped skull, wide flat head between fine well set ears, dark clear expressive eyes and wide open nostrils with good width of muzzle and underjaw. Wide true jaw. Well boned straight front with deep brisket. Good length of neck, well barrelled rib, correct top line and good tail set, well angulated backend. Moved and handled very well, had great ring presence. DCC

2nd Lee’s Milasha Pompeii Mystyle - A dog I have always admired from the ringside. Impressive head qualities, including good length of skull with wide flat head between well set fine ears. Dark expressive eyes, and correct layback. Good width and turn up of underjaw. Straight well boned front, good reach of neck and good barrel and spring of rib. good top line, and tail set. Just not moving his best on the day, both going and coming.

3rd Jones’ Redworc Mad Frankie Frazier of Daubhill

Minor Puppy Bitch (3, 0)

1st Bracken’s Bradiebe Majestic - Caught my eye as she entered the ring and did not disappoint when I went over her. Strong but balanced feminine head with good pigmentation, clear dark eyes and good layback. Good width of muzzle and turn up, fine well set ears. Straight well boned front and neat feet. Enough Shoulder, good reach of neck, lovely pear shaped body if slightly longer cast, moved confidently around the ring.

2nd Peebles & Kirwood Weebullz Amazing Grace – Another quality puppy that I liked a lot, with good length of skull, wide flat head and correct ear set. Beautiful dark expressive eyes. Wide open nostrils. Good width of jaw, well boned front and good shoulder. Shorter in back than one but lost to 1st on tail set. Moved very well

3rd Green’s Lancsbull Dolly Daydream

Puppy Bitch (1, 0)

1st Keegan’s Pamazande Only You – Well up to size red and white bitch with strong head qualities. Wide flat skull with good length and depth of skull. Clear dark eyes, well filled out under and good layback. Good width and turn of jaw. Well boned front and good depth of brisket, nails need to be shorter, lovely spring of rib. Correct tail set. High on leg at the moment just needs to drop into body. Moved erratically but sound handled well.

Junior Bitch (5, 2)

1st Freshney’s Bullenca Back to Black – Brindle/white standard size bitch with strong but feminine head. Good pigmentation surrounding dark, clear eyes well padded underneath. Big black nose with wide open nostrils, Good width of muzzle and jaw, with correct up turn. Well tacked on shoulder, deep brisket, good bone and neat feet. Pear shaped body, with good rear angulation and turn of stifle, correct tail set. Moved very well,

2nd Watson’s Sandars Miss Marmalade – balanced feminine head, with good length and depth of skull. Head wide and flat between well set ears. Clear dark expressive eyes. Good layback and turnup. Enough bone on front, but would prefer tighter feet, good reach of neck, well barrelled rib, lost to one on tail set, moved well.

3rd Collie’s Esclusham Pin up Thornford

Yearling Bitch (4, 1)

1st Livingstone’s Jacobella Madam Me Me – white/red strong headed bitch who excelled in bone and substance. Brick shaped skull, with wide flat skull, neat well placed ears, clear dark well pigmented eyes and wide open nostrils. Correct layback, well turned up true underjaw.

Well boned straight front, good depth of brisket, good reach of neck, well barrelled deep rib and correct pear shaped body. Moved very well.

2nd Lee’s Mystyle Penelope Milasha – Red and white with a classic head piece, good length and depth of skull finely wrinkled, dark eyes but one appeared runny on the day. Good length of foreface with lovely turn up and wide muzzle. Enough bone on the front with tight feet, good reach of neck and correct top line, would prefer more rib and overall substance. Moved well.

3rd Read’s Blissbul She’s Electrik

Novice Bitch – No entries

Post Graduate Bitch (2,0)

1st Spicer’s Ricatori Now Trending Lareya – White/red with classic brick shaped head and clear dark expressive eyes. Fine wrinkle head, with correct layback and good length of foreface, Lovely turn up giving correct sour expression. Well boned front, with good depth of brisket and tacked on shoulder. Slightly longer cast and I would prefer more barrel of rib but virtues far outweigh the faults. Correct tail set. Moved and handled very well.

2nd George’s Sealaville She’s Ice at Avaword – White strong well balanced feminine head with dark eye, but showing a lot of hore, good layback and well set ears. correct turn up, good reach of neck, well barrelled rib. Lost to one on front and tail set. Moved very well.

Limit Bitch (6, 0)

1st Harding’s Kingrock Cherry Cola @ Wilsonpride - Red/white strong headed quality bitch with fine wrinkled head, the clearest and darkest of eyes, well cushioned under eye and lovely turnup with wide true jaw. Good reach of neck and well boned front with good depth of brisket and neat feet. Very good spring and barrel of rib, correct topline. I would prefer a lower tailset on the move but the virtues of this bitch far outweighed this one fault.

2nd Dalpra’s Bull & Grapes La Neve Macchiata – Very feminine balanced bitch that I had the pleasure of judging recently in her home country. Brick shaped skull with fine correctly set rose ears, clear dark eyes, good layback and correct upturn giving desired expression. Enough bone to front with well let down brisket, good reach of neck, enough barrel and spring of rib, slightly longer cast with correct tail set. Moved well. Lost to one on overall bone and substance.

3rd Davies’s Avapal Made In England

Open Bitch (10, 2)

Best Class of the day.

1st Simpson’s Ch Cofas Magellanic Spiral at Jackarhys – I have always admired this bitch from the ringside and was not at all disappointed when going over her. Strong headed bitch with classic brick shaped skull. Wide apart clear very dark expressive eyes, well set ears, good width and depth of muzzle, and correct layback. Good jaw with correct turnup giving a true standoff expression. Well boned front, enough brisket, good spring and barrel of rib. Correct topline which she held on the move. Moved well. Shown in pristine condition. A well deserved CC and BIS. .

2nd New’s Newrock Dakota – Another quality bitch with a beautifully balanced outline. Feminine finely wrinkled head, with clear dark eyes, big black nose and wide open nostrils. Good turn of underjaw giving desired sour expression. Straight well boned front, with good depth of brisket, very good reach of neck and barrel of rib giving lovely pear shaped body. Moved really well around the ring. Just preferred strength of head of one. RBCC

3rd Neilings’ Neptunebull Connie Rose

Sonia Saxon


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