2014 OCTOBER OPEN SHOW (04/10/2014)

Judge Sara Lamont (LaRoyal)


Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge, the near 800 mile journey was worth it. From an entry of 38 and just 4 absent I was really pleased with the consistency I was able to demonstrate in my dog and bitch line ups. I must admit I was ‘brutal’ when it come anything impacting on health and dogs with poorly constructed eyes were heavily penalised. The only thing I found consistent across most classes was the lack width, fit and turn of underjaw, that said overall I was extremely happy with my principle winners.


Minor Puppy Dog (0,0abs)


Puppy Dog (2,0abs)

Two big boys in this class and I wouldn’t want them to grow much more.


1st Britishluxe the Houdini, large white boy. Powerful straight, square front on good, tight feet. Ok topline, held on the move finished by the correct length and set of tail. Well-proportioned head for size, ears alittle flighty but expected for age and pigment still needed to complete eye rims. But was a sound and honest dog moving his width which won him BPD.


2nd Gailbulls it’s Geordie at Takamyne, R/W heavier in headpiece to 1 but well-made and strong with clear dark eyes. Well boned straight front, well sprung rib and correct arch to topline finished by a tail of good length but was a handful for this handler and would benefit from more schooling.


Junior Dog (1,0abs)


1st Homestay Lord Montegu, 18mths R/W. Good build and bone, alittle heavy in head for me but okay fit of eyes and nose roll not impeding on nose and his breathing was fine. Broad flat skull but ears need to settle to form the correct rose. Ok ribs and topline but alittle long over loin. He was alittle down on front pastern and his nails could have been shorter to help improve this.


Novice Dog (2,0abs)


1st Taybull Pyjamarama, rich red close knitted coated, compact and tidy dog, with dark well pigmented mask. Good body shape carrying no excess weight. Correct brick shaped skull with clear, dark eyes and good nostrils. Sufficient strength of front, moved soundly. His unexaggerated qualities won him RBD.


2nd Canakey’s Crimson King, Br/W upstanding lean male. Good length of skull with big nose and correct set rose ears but eyes needed to be tighter and more fill under the eye. Good length of neck and sufficient bone, but overall lacked balance due to body length/width/height ratio.


Post Graduate Dog (4, 0abs)


1st The Earl of Pendlebrier, Powerful quality R/W 3yr old boy who was well put together. Won the class on strength of head with no coarseness, broad flat skull with dark clear eyes. Well boned to neat tidy well-trimmed paws.  Ok topline if alittle long over the loin, lost out on the challenge as he was particularly lazy on the move as lacked the correct rear hock angulation.


2nd Homestay Lord Montagu - see JD.

3rd Cholto Alejandro


Limit Dog (3,1abs)


1st Bulldovie Prince Athol, substantial 2yr old f/w. Biggest head of the day with correct small rose ears, substantial width of a well cushioned foreface underpinned by a true wide jaw, solid nose roll but not impeding on the nose. Straight, well boned front with correct pear but slightly long over loin and some more weight may have balanced him better.  Another that lost out on the challenge due to strength of rear quarters.


2nd Merrettbull Dreamcatcher, 4yr old white male with a quality unexaggerated head. Broad flat skull, good width of foreface with a super jaw of width and turn. Big nose and good nostrils but missing complete eye pigment which altered his expression. Would have liked a straighter front and tighter paws. He seemed alittle out of condition but moved ok.


Open Dog (7,2abs)


1st Caramsmel’s Johnson, I judge this 3yr old boy 2 years ago and I have to say not much has changed! He’s such a clean cut boy with an exceptional outline. Good head with correct small well set rose ears, dark clear eyes correctly placed with big nose and good nostrils. Good width of foreface that was well cushioned. Shortest bodied male today, without any stuffiness and good rib. Good length of neck leading to a good topline. Well boned front to super tight paws with short nails. Moved well, if lacking some enthusiasm, just missing a tad of masculinity to clinch RBIS but well deserved BOS & BD.


2nd Jacobella Rappscalin appealing unassuming 3yr old R/W male. Correct brick skull with dark clear correctly set eyes. Well-padded foreface and true jaw underneath. Strong straight bone to good feet but more depth of brisket would finish the picture. Good topline leading to correctly set tail of good length and well let down rear hocks.  Moved sound but preferred front movement of 1.

3rd Merrettbull Dreamcatcher


Minor Puppy Bitch (2,0abs)

Two baby girls at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to maturity and build.  I judged this class as a minor puppy class.


1st Golbourne’s Drama Queen - ‘Giggles’ and that she was! A lively R/W female, finely made girl with the bare essentials. Plainer in skull then 2 but of good size with clear eyes with ears that still need to settle. Good body shape but would look more balanced with slightly more weight. Correct topline and good tail due to correct set and length. She truly excelled on the move she motored round the ring no problems. She was lively and seemed to be having tonnes of fun which is good to see in a Minor Puppy class.


2nd Britisher Gold Dust Bokabull, well-built red pied. Strong head, which for me was a little heavy for her age and lost her femininity. Well bone front with good ribs and short body. Ok tail and moved ok with well-muscled thighs. Lacked overall condition for me on the day.


Puppy Bitch (7, 1abs)


1st Britishluxe Excuse My Rude, agile built 9mth white girl. Another girl that won on movement and femininity. She was balanced not too heavy for her age but well-built with a good body shape, good length of neck leading to the correct topline finished by a good tail set and length. Again plainer in head with clear, well-fitting eyes, her ears need to settle but I couldn’t deny her honesty. Tacked on shoulders, good chest and depth of brisket for age, sufficient bone to compact feet. I felt she displayed the most balance which meant she beat her brother for BPIS.


2nd Wotabull This is Wendy’s Dot, R/W bitch, good head with length, well filled cheeks and strong wide, true jaw. Clear dark eyes and correct rose ears. Ok bone and well filled chest however as with the rest of the dogs in the class carrying alittle too much weight and needing to tone up alittle. Good topline leading to a good tail. Moved well but 1 had better front movement on the return.

3rd Gailbull’s Cleos the Jazz Singer


Junior Bitch (7,0abs)

This was a strong but enjoyable class to judge.


1st Jackarhys Enchanted at Jacobella, a beautiful standard size and weight R/W girl. Super coat condition, good head with good width and length of skull resulting in the correct brick shape. Well rounded cheeks, dark clear eye correctly set and a well cushioned wide foreface. Sufficient neck to correctly tacked on shoulders, straight foreams of good bone to super tight paws with short nails. She had the best side profile of the day with the correct fall behind the withers and the rise over the croup finished by a low set tail of good length which was free from the body. This profile was never lost on the move. Good rear angulation and low hocks whilst moving away and walking her width on the return. I had great pleasure in awarding her BIS.


2nd Gailbulls Little Miss Minx at Takamyne, F/Br. Quality head piece with broad flat skull, good ear set, lovely dark clear eye, good nose set and width of foreface. Good bone to tight paws, moved well but front assembly still alittle loose and would benefit from more rib/fill behind the shoulders.

3rd Ricatori Dare to Dream at Carasmel


Novice Bitch (3,0abs)

I found this a though class to judge and I’m sure these could change placed if competition against each other in the future.


1st Taybull Siren, this girl won on her overall balance of size and shape. Correct brick skull with width throughout. Straight front of sufficient bone. Big barrel ribs and correct topline finished with a good tail. Was sound on the move if lacking some inspiration!


2nd Canakey Theoris Cleopatra of Ruadonis, won this placing on build of head and layback. Broad flat skull, well set clear eyes with correct furrow. Big nose and good nostrils with ok jaw. Front slightly lacking in strength of bone and overall height.


3rd Neptunebull Uptown Girl at Bulldovie


Post Graduate Bitch (4,0abs)


1st Carasmel Gods Favourite, 4yr old dark R/W close knitted coated standard sized bitch. Good body shape with the correct pear and tuck up. Tacked on shoulders and straight forearms. Feet could have been tighter and nails shorter but moved well and soundly. Typical head with flat skull and solid nose roll not impeding on the nose. Good reach of neck to a good topline but could have been finished by a better tail.


2nd Homestay Madam Kaya Catlina, substantial br/w honest girl of substance. Skull of good length with correct rose ears, dark eye set a little high. Enough neck leading to a suitable topline and finished by a suitable tail of set and length. Ok bone, paws could have been tighter but moved well.

3rd Mccorama Born this Way


Limit Bitch (2,0abs)


1st Izzy Heirs Apparent, unexaggerated 6yr R/W of classic brick shaped skull and plainer head work. High set small rose ears, broad flat skull, correctly set dark eyes, big nose and nostrils set correctly and width of foreface to finish. Sufficient front of enough bone and good width of chest. Moved well considering her age.


2nd Merrettbull Living Dream, slightly rounder head piece on this 4yr old white girl and eyes lacking pigmentation but she had the best width, fit and turn of jaw of the day. Nice overall shape and size but requiring more rib to give a completely balanced picture. Ok bone throughout, moved okay but nails a tad long.


Open Bitch (2,0abs)


1st Carasmel Henryetta at Sandars, daughter to 1st PGB and carrying many of the same traits. Standard size female of correct body length and shape providing a lovely balance which is demonstrated on the move. Slightly masculine in headpiece which meant she lost out to BB but she’s still a girl to be admired and I was happy to award her RBB and RBIS due to her strength of jaw, clear dark well-fitting eyes and good width of foreface. Good length of neck a big barrel of ribs, tidy tuck-up and correct rise over the croup. She had enough bone throughout finished by well let down rear angulation and seamless movement.

2nd Merrettbull Living Dream - See 2nd Limit.


Judge Sara Lamont (LaRoyal)

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