Bulldog Club of Scotland October Championship Show (25/10/2015)

Judge: Janice Hurst (BOLLGLADE)



3 entries (2abs)

1st Izzy Heir Apparent



9 entries (2 abs)

1st Ricatori Power Trip Mystyle

2nd Andlare Everhard

3rd Shuckstun’s Decadence

RES Shipshape Shooting Star

VHC Gailbulls Borders Boy



5 entries (1 abs)

1st Ricatori Prime Time

2nd Cherishabull Sweeny Tod

3rd Shuckstun’s Decadence

RES Danckomac Gold Dust



8 entries (2 abs)

1st Carasmel’s Razzamatazz

2nd Silobull Keep Calm N Carry On

3rd Meljane King Henry at Sandars

RES Never Ending Story Exclusive Bull

VHC Bradiebe Shaded Silver



 2 entries

1st Pheorm Keyboard Conan JW

2nd Baalzebull Harribo of Bullsworth



3 entries

1st Taybull Pyjamarama

2nd Andlare Willy Nilly

3rd Braidiebe Shaded Silver



7 entries (2 abs)

1st Changelife giacomo for Newrock (imp ITA)

2nd Shipshape Candyman Does

3rd Cholto Alejandro

RES Ocobo Meant to Be at Triarder


9 entries (7 abs)

1st Ricatori Roman King

2nd Prideofbully King of Hearts



8 entries (3 ans)

1ST CH Sealaville he’s Tyler

2nd Haddaway Winner Takes it All

3rd IR CH Ocobo Jawdropper of Sardav

RES CH Pheorm No Surrender

VHC CH Prideofbully Winston




9 entries (4 abs – I transferred)

1st Bradiebe Secret Dream

2nd New Soul Love On A Lead with LaRoyal

3rd Shipshape Sent From Heaven

RES Dempsey Glamour of Everbull



7 entries (2 abs)

1ST Haddaway Amazing Grace

2nd Barrablack she’s The Owe from Shipshape

3rd Triarder That’s it That’s All

RES Coatesmar Britannia

VHC Silobull Chase The Dream



9 entries (1 abs)

1st Britishrose Pure Gold

2nd Brarabus Kimberella

3rd Sealaville Kandi

RES Ivabully Definetly Maybe

VHC Atractive Anna



6 entries (3 abs)

1st Salkysbully’s Violet

2nd Goldbourne With One Look at Stanandie

3rd Baalzebull Italian Girl of Daubhill



4 entries (1 abs)

1ST Attractive Anna

2nd Kismond Celtic Sunset

3rd Erimusbulls Ms Greta Garbo


9 entries (4 abs)

1ST Bullenca Firecracker

2nd LaRoyal Secrets’n Lace

3rd Gailbulls My Groovy Chic

RES Cholto Equinox



5 entries

1st Brarabus Harvest Gold JW

2nd Shiloh Disco Dancer Kismond JW

3rd Hillplace Ginger Spice

RES Senidan Deja Vue

VHC Summer Lade Grace



13 entries (7 abs)

1st CH & IR CH Edstrong Diamond Jubilee JF CH

2nd Mystyle Meme Milasha

3rd Carasmel Henryetta at Sandars

RES Kismond Honolulu Sunset JW

VHC Ricatori Dash of Class


DOG CC Ricatori Roman King

RESERVE DOG CC CH Sealaville He’s Tyler

BEST PUPPY DOG Ricatori Power Trip Mystyle


BITCH CC  CH & IR CH Edstrong Diamond Jubilee JR CH

RESERVE BITCH CC Mystyle Meme Milasha

BEST PUPPY BITCH Haddaway Amazing Grace


BEST IN SHOW Ricatori Roman King

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW CH Sealaville He’s Tyler

BEST OPPOSITE SEX CH & IR CH Edstrong Diamond Jubilee JR CH

BEST PUPPY Ricatori Power Trip Mystyle

RESERVE BEST PUPPY Haddaway Amazing Grace

BEST VETERAN Izzy Heir Apparent




   Bulldog Club Of Scotland (Critique) 


First of all before the Critique, a very big thank you to the Bulldog Club of Scotland for their hospitality & dedication. Not forgetting everyone’s Entries & exhibiters on the day. The overall presentation of the dogs was very good on the day. 


Class 1. Veteran D/B (3,1) 

(Watson,) Izzy Heir Apparent, R/W. Bitch 7Yrs. Old nice clean head good front with tight feet & nice dark eyes, moved well. 

Class 2. M/P/D. (9, 7) 

(1st. MR. K. Davis.) Ricatori Power Trip Mystyle. W/R Good clean head nice ear placement short & cobby body, moved well for a young baby. B/P/D. 

(2ND, Mrs. C. Bannister. Andalare everhard.) B/W. nice lay back of skull good top line & good front just a little longer in body cast, but still a quality puppy. 

3rd. Miss E Holmes.   Shuckstuns Decadence. 

Class 3 P/D. (5,4) 

(1ST. Mr. & Mrs. Eaton) Ricatori Prime Time. R/W. Good length of skull, 

Nice dark eyes good front, good tight feet & correct tail, moved well. 

(2nd. Mr.& Mrs. Lennox) Cherrishabull Sweeny Todd. R/W Good flat skull 

Good eyes with big nostrils a little longer than 1. Moved well. 

3rd. Miss. E. Holmes.    Shuckstones Decadence. 

Class 4 J/D. (8,6) 

(1st. Mr. P Powell & Mrs. S Smith.) Carasmels Razzamatazz. W. Good head, good top line nice eyes & very well balanced, moved O.K. 

(2nd. S.Winter. ) Silobull Keep calm & carry on. W. Good front nice big nostrils & nice tight feet, a little taller in fore leg than 1. 

3rd. Mrs. Watson.  Meljane King Henry at Sandors. 

Class 5 Y/D. (2,2) 

(1st. Mrs. D Bishoprick.) Pheorm Keyboard Conan. W/R. Nice clean cut head, good pigmentation good length of skull. Short & Cobby Moved well. 

(2nd. D. Unsworth.) Baalzebul Harribo of Bullsworth. R/W. Nice dark eyes  

Moved a little closer when going away from me than 1st.  

Class 6. N/D. (3,3) 

(1st. Mr. T. & Mrs. L. McCash.) Taybull Pyjammarama. R/W. Nice head, good dark eyes, tacked on shoulders. With nice tight feet, needs to slow down on movement. 

(2nd. Mrs.C Bannister. ) Andlare Willy Nilly. R/W. Good head dark eyes with good top line. Preferred maturity of 1st. Moved well. 

3RD. A Fitzwater.   Bradiebe Shaded Silver. 

Class 7. P/G/D. (7,5) 

( 1st. Mr. & Mrs. P. J. New. ) Changelife Giacomo for Newrock. R/W. Good Brick shaped head good pigmentation, nice top line, moved O.K. 

(2nd. Mrs. L. Watkins.) Shipshape Candyman does. W/R. Good front, dark eyes, with tight feet but preferred the balance of 1. 

3rd. Soutar & D Blane Cholto    Alejandro 

Class 8. L/D. (9,2) 

1st. Mr. & Mrs. Eaton. Ricatori Roman King R/W. Good brick shaped head, dark eyes, straight front with tight feet a little straight in  top line 

But over hall well balanced. Handled to perfection. DCC & BIS. 

2nd. Mr. S. Bragger. PrideofBully King of Hearts. R/W. Another quality dog with good upsweep moved well. 

Class 9. O/D. (8,7) 

1st. H. & P. Seal. CH. Sealaville He’s Tyler. R/W. good brick shaped head, 

Well turned under jaw, short cobby body handled well. RCC. 

2nd. Mr. & Mrs. Handley. Haddaway winner takes all.  B/W. Lovely dark eyes, good tacked on shoulders, another quality dog. This class was a very strong class as there was a lot of quality dogs. 

3rd. Mr. & Mrs. Scully  Ir. CH. Ocobo Jawdropper of sardav. 


Class 10 M/P/B. (8,5) 

(1st. A Fitzwater.) Bradiebe Secret Dream R/W. caught my eye immediately, well balanced, lovely feminine head nice tight feet & moved well. 

(2nd. Ms. & S. Lamont.)  New Soul Love on a lead with Laroyal  F/W. Good top line, tacked on shoulders with sour expression, nice baby. 

3rd. Mrs. L Watkins.   Shipshape Silent from Heaven. 

Class 11 P/B. (8,6) 

(1ST. Mr. & Mrs. Handley.) Haddaway amazing grace. R/W. Good front, neat tight feet, wide nostrils & moved well. 

2nd. Mrs. L Watkins. Barrablack she’s the owe from shipshape. R/W. Flat skull, dark eyes, good top line. 

3rd. A Bentley. Triarder that is all that. 

Class 12. J/B. (9,8) 

1st. Miss. C. Murphy. Britishrose Pure Gold. R/W. Nice clean feminine head short cobby body, had to keep looking at her. Moved well.  

2nd . C & S Bradshaw  Brababus Kimberella. R/W. Another quality bitch well balanced, big nostrils, good front & moved well. 

3rd.  H.& P. Seal. Sealaville Kandi. 

Class 13 Y/B.(6,3)  

1st. ( Mr. & Mrs. Salkeld.) Salkysbullys Violet. F/W. Flat skull, good width of jaw, dark eyes short & cobby body moved well. 

2nd. Mrs. Makarova & Mr. Midler. Goldbourne With one look at stanandie. R/W. Another quality bitch good top line, dark eyes, & straight front, moved well. 

3rd.( Mr. Jones.) Baalzebul Italian girl of Daubhill. 

Class 14 N/B. (4,3) 

1ST. ( A. Fitzwater. ) atractive Anna R/W. Nice broad skull, good top line, straight front. 

2nd.( Mr. & Mrs. P.W. Davies.) Kismond Celtic Sunset. F/W. clean head, good front, I’ve seen her coat look a bit better than today. 

3rd.( Mr. & Mrs. Manders.) Erimusbulls Ms greta garbo 

Class 15. P/G/B. (9,4) 

1ST. (Mrs .CA Freshney.) Bullenca Fire Cracker. B/W. This girl caught my eye when she entered the ring, good compact body, good bone well balanced & moved very well. 

2nd.(Ms. J. & Miss S. Lamont) R/W. Another quality bitch, nice dark eyes with good upsweep, moved well, wish I had 2 first placing. 

3rd. (G. Westmorland. ) Gailbulls my groovy chic.  

Class 16 L/B. ( 5,5) Another strong class. 

1ST. ( C & S Bradshaw. ) Brarabus Harvest gold. R/W. Good length of skull, well matured short & cobby. 

2nd.( Mr. & Mrs. P.W. Davies. ) Shiloh disco dancer kismond. B/W.  Hard decision between these 2 bitches. Good top line, good upsweep moved well, could easily changed places with 1st. 

3rd. ( RA Mckenna. ) Hillplace Ginger Spice.  

Class 17. O/B. (13,7.) 

1st. (S. Jay & J & R Collie.) CH. & IR. CH. Edstrong Jubilee. B/W. Beautiful width of jaw, with upsweep to match, neat ears, short cobby body, moved & handled very well. Really liked her .BCC. 

2nd. (E & S Lee.) Mystyle MiMi at Milasha. R/W. More feminine than 1 good clean head, with good top line, straight front. Moved & handled well. Pressed hard for CC.  RBCC. 

3RD. ( Mrs. S. Watson. ) Carasmel Henryetta at Sandars. 



Judge Mrs. J. Hurst.  

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