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Hi I have a rescue bulldog I have had since 19 Dec 2015 age between 5and 7 I have had a few issues with him I would really love to have a chat with someone that really knows the breed I live in Easr Renfrewshire
Posted by Alce McCarthy on 04 February 2016
Could you please email at the following address so I can pass you contact information on
Posted by LYNDA on 10 February 2017
Love the site

I like the fact you have provide breed standard info and lots of varied links, i.e. walks and rescue.

Keep up the good work.
Posted by Chris Jones on 04 February 2014
Hi, best wishes and keep up with the good work
Posted by Michele Abbondandolo on 12 June 2013
Bulldog home boarding
Can anyone reccommend a good bulldog home boarder anywhere in Scotland we could use when we go on holidays? Thanks.
Posted by Yvonne Rankin on 27 February 2013
Sorry I dont know of any bulldog boarders in scotland, but if you try the scottish bulldog walk page on facebook , you might reach a wider audiance who can help
Posted by Lynda on 02 March 2013
Well Done Jenna on the new look website
Posted by lynda on 11 May 2012
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Posted on 18 November 2010
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Posted on 15 November 2010
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Posted on 13 November 2010
Show Critique
Posted on 13 May 2010
Thanks !
Posted on 07 October 2009
September 2009 Champ show
Posted on 30 September 2009
Posted on 13 September 2009
New Owner
Posted on 16 August 2009
Posted on 22 February 2009
Posted on 18 December 2008
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